Tuesday, January 02, 2007

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The Crosses of Lafayette: Organizer Jeff Heaton has created this website for the crosses of lafayette. It consists of an artist statement and links to sites about similar projects from around the country.

Eschew Obfuscation: A Lafayette based proggressive blog by my dad, John Eaton. It contains more posts, links, and photos of the memorial than any site on the web.

Zombie Time: An anti-left blog with a comprehensive post, "The Lafayette Mock War Memorial," about the crosses with many great pictures.

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Blogger Nancy said...

You show my blog, Nancy' blog, as saying that the crosses dishonor the dead -- no, I said it's sad that some people think that.

Blogger LouiseDaughter said...

September 1, 2008

To: the Peace Community

From: Diddo Clark (contact info. at the end)

Re: Please encourage Louise Clark to be a force for Peace.

Dear friends,

In July 2008, the Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center gave my mother, Louise Harvey Clark, an award for sponsoring the Lafayette Crosses on her hillside adjacent to the Lafayette BART Station - and for being a force for peace.

It is likely that no one has written more letters to the editor of the Contra Costa Times than my mother. For 40 years, she has directed us and our government to make peace, not war, and otherwise implement her progressive and civil libertarian views.

But Louise Clark does not practice what she preaches. She pays thousands of dollars to promote peace abroad, and millions of dollars to wage war at home. Louise and/or her agents (my brothers Steve and Charles Clark):

(1) Filed 4 preemptive law suits against 2 of her 6 children;

(2) Paid her lawyers many millions of dollars to crush in court 4 of her descendants;

(3) Continue to pay these lawyers at the rate of approximately $30,000 per week to crush some of her descendants; and

(4) Deny civil rights to some of her descendants.
Civil rights abuses by Louise and/or her agents include:

(a) False imprisonment. In spring 2008, employees of my brother confined me against my will.

(b) Breaking, entering, and burglarizing my home. In July 2005, my parents, Louise and Johnson Clark - with a doberman pincher, a locksmith, and a crew of workers but without due process of law - drilled through the locks on the outside doors of my home; broke in; took some of my personal property; and then, after I interrupted and asked them to leave, they left.

(c) Invasion of privacy by my brother, Charles Clark, who acted as a Peeping-Tom-by-proxy, who required his agents to keep me under surveillance and to report to him on my activities; Charles’ lawyers filed pleadings in court with the results of this surveillance; Charles also falsely accused me of public sexual improprieties based on what his agents thought they saw through my living room window.

(d) Wrongful taking of my law office and all of the contents thereof, including my computer and my privileged and confidential electronic legal files.

(e) Wrongful taking of all of the ownership interests in Clark family businesses, almost all of the beneficial interests in Clark family trusts, and most of the personal property that had belonged to more than one of the objects of Louise’s hostility.

(f) Harassment and defamation, by my mother’s attorneys, who filed, or threatened to file, with legal authorities, 7 unsuccessful and unmeritorious requests to prohibit me from, and/or punish me for, allegedly harassing family members. In 2 of those 7 requests, my mother’s attorneys falsely accused me of numerous heinous acts against my parents; without notice to me, those attorneys got Temporary Restraining Orders against me, and served these orders on me and the Lafayette Police Department; but, on 9/1/06, Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge Joyce Cram found that NO evidence supported ANY of the accusations against me.

(g) Verbal abuse by members of my immediate family which included false accusations that I: stole from my siblings, deserve no respect, am unreasonable, am responsible for the stress that my mother feels from Clark litigation (which her agents launched with their 4 preemptive law suits against 2 of her children), and killed my father.

None of Louise’s descendants have done anything which could justify any of these hostilities. Nevertheless, Louise refuses to negotiate, mediate, or even talk with 4 of her descendants - and she has never engaged in a peace-promoting act.

Peace begins at home. I pray that my mother will stop waging war against her family and start being a force for peace among Clarks. I respectfully request that members of the peace community encourage Louise to: practice what she preaches, BE a force for peace, and refrain from embarrassing the Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center by continuing to act in ways which are inconsistent with peace ... or, at least, get an outside evaluation of the performance of her attorneys and other agents. Let peace begin - and let it begin, for Louise Clark, with her family. Thank you.

Diddo Clark

Louise Clark’s contact information is: (925) 299-0900; LouiseClark@comcast.net

Diddo Clark’s contact information is: (925) 283-2803; mediate@neteze.com


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