Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Feb 12 City & Activists Make Deal: TV News Coverage

On Febuary 12th The Mayor, City Council and Memorial activists signed a Mutual Agreement of Understanding on to reduce the size of the Lafayette memorial's sign by half. Also, they agreed not to have candles at the base of each cross during future vigils. KTVU Channel 2 News reports on both what activists have to say at the Febuary 11th work day and the city council meeting itself. NBC 11 also reports.

Background: In November, when the memorial project began with 300 crosses, contreversy arose with in the east Bay Area suburbs. Peace activists and others quickly shouted there support while some condemned the project as a desecration to our troops and country. The contreversy hightened when a vandal knocked down the memorials sign that reads the number of war-dead. The city got ivolved when some people demanded it be taken down because the sign was larger than the sign ordinance allowed. A city council meeting was held on November 27th where people passionatley debated over the memoial's merits. I linked to a video of the 11/27/06 city counil meeting here video here.

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