Tuesday, March 25, 2008



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should make a gallery for all these images on www.myartspace.com and then embed the gallery on your blog so they are all together. Would be a message to think about and a good way to present. Just a thought.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw the "Crosses" today for the first time on my way to San Francisco from Walnut Creek. Whether you agree with it or not, the thing to remember is that they represent a young man or woman taken from their family and friends at a young age. These men and woman died in order to give us the right to display our support or disapproval in whatever way we see fit as long as we don't harm anyone else. That's why we live in the greatest country.

Anonymous ellen lathlean said...

I appreciate the crosses on the hillside. I think it helps people to understand the terrible human price we pay for war.
My father was a disabled WWI veteran, who had horrible dreams all the rest of his life about the battles he was in. I was a young combat soldiers wife during the Korean war. My husband is a retired U.S. Navy officer.Many of their military friends lost their lives in the wars. The crosses help us to remember the terrible toll.


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