Friday, March 21, 2008

abc7news covers 5th anniversary of war vigil

abc news covered the vigil held wednesday night for the 5th anniversary of the war. they report that only 20 volunteers could make it. there post contains the video from the wednesday night broadcast. click watch video in the flash player at the top of the post to see it.

Here's a part of the transcript from the video that we should all reflect on:

John Jensen from Kennsington came to honor his nephew, a casualty of war, after he returned home.

"When he returned he killed himself," said Jensen.

Jensen says American soldiers were attacked by suicide bombers and while trying to protect themselves they also killed innocent people.

"And so they tell them to stay back, don't come any closer, they don't understand English, so they would just kill them," said Jensen.

He wonders how many American soldiers are facing the same moral struggle his nephew faced.

"We all have a mindset of who we are and what our values are and the military tries to change that so that you can do what they need you to do, and it doesn't change forever. People flashback and they want to be who they were when they left," said Jensen.


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