Monday, March 17, 2008

Award Winning Multimedia

On Sunday March 16th the San Jose Mercury News announced that several of its pieces won awards in the 65th Annual Pictures of the Year International Competition including first place for the multimedia news story, Hillside display of crosses: A war of emotions by the talented photo journalist Pauline Lubens .

Created in May, the peace is a wonderful collage of video, photos, and voice over interviews with people for and against the war and the hillside memorial. It does a good job of recounting the beginings of the memorial, early vandalism, the pro-war rallies held against the memorial and contains many voices supporting or deriding the memorial. It truly is one of the best pieces I've seen and I recommend everyone watch it:

On a tangential note, I would like to point out one voice who's derision does not deride from her feelings about the war. Rather she thinks the crosses representing death have no public place in a wholesome community like Lafayette. This harks back to one of my interests when starting this blog, what does the presence of the memorial mean for and about an affluent suburban community?

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Blogger Kathie said...

Chris, I've posted the announcement on my home page for Barack Obama which links to many Veterans Groups and I will be at the vigil.
Blue Star Mom
Kathie Lind

Blogger chr15 said...


Fantastic, I would love to do a post linking to veterans groups. what is your homepage? thanks, -c

Blogger Tom said...

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Anonymous Thallaq said...

thanks for the video on this topic. Please see a video I have produced on a similar event in our community - on Myspace at

Whether you support the war or not, our troops need support.


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